How Can a Dry Shampoo Help While You Are Travelling?

Travelling Exhausting

Sometimes you may be unlucky enough to stay in a bad hotel where there is no hot water or hair dryer.

Your scalp and hair feels itchy and dirty. You have so much to do the next day - meeting customers, or

site seeing. You really don’t have enough time and money to spend on washing, so now

you are struggling with how to find an easy way to care for your hair. It has actually happened to me. I

was not able to wash my hair for at least five days. The first two days were due to a long flight and

transfers. The third day was because of no hot water. On the fourth day I stayed at a hotel where,

unfortunately, no hair dryer was provided.

Travel, Faciano Dry Shampoo


Backpackers Backup Plan for Travelling

Backpackers have the greatest chance of encountering the above scenario because they want to save money by staying in a cheap hostel. The hostels don't have enough shower rooms, or the facility isn't cozy. After whole day activity, you wouldn't want to wait for the shower room and take long time washing hair. The situation would be very different if you brought a dry shampoo! When on business trips, you would also need dry shampoo in order to be efficient because of tight schedules, like connecting with local clients, meetings, replying emails... so much to stop you washing hair properly. 

Travel, Faciano Dry Shampoo


Faciano-Saviour of Hair for Travelling

Remember to put a Fáciaño Dry Shampoo on your packing list next time you travel. Fáciaño has no powder, cleans very well, makes your hair soft, and removes grease, itch, and odor. Fáciaño has European Ecocert Certificate for the Nigra Flower Ingredient, is very safe to use. It has healthy and natural composition. 

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