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A husband loves his wife very much. He is worried about her tiring when washing her hair after giving
A venturous young guy decides to go backpacking in Tibet.

A smart office lady becomes a hiker during the weekends.
A caring mother is concerned about her son getting cold when he washes his hair at camp.
A devoted believer doesn't have time to wash her hair during a missionary trip overseas.
A handsome office man has oily hair and worries about baldness.
A salesman who rides a scooter doesn’t know how to fluff up his flattened hair after removing his helmet to meet customers.
A woman recovering from abortion needs rest for more than a month, and must avoid washing her hair.
A sweet lady asks her husband to be a model and takes a video of him before and after using dry shampoo.

Let us become your convenient helper, making your hair refreshed, clean, sweet smelling, without irritations, and full of volume.


Fáciaño is a combined Latin word from Fácil and Sueño, which means easy beautiful dream. By using Fáciaño Dry Shampoo, you will have more time to realize this beautiful dream.

"Hair Genie" used to be a very ordinary office woman with little income. Being anxious to have personal and financial freedom, she understood deeply that her future career was to be found somewhere else - owning a company.

She noticed that washing her hair had become a terrible chore. Without spending half an hour scratching, rinsing, and blow-drying, it was impossible for her hair to look good. All of the global brand dry shampoos couldn’t clean hair well enough to meet her needs. In front of the computer, by the sink, in the kitchen and shower, "Hair Genie" started doing countless experiments and checked a lot of information and patents. She made it a career to create a dry shampoo that could truly clean hair quickly, making it beautiful and healthy. That could also make life easier when being busy.

In order to produce non-harmful products, they are very careful about the ingredients. One of the reasons is that the formula would need to stay on hair longer because of the non-water wash.

Finally, she found a credible R&D research group and several cosmetics manufacturers who would work together on her ideas. 

After two years, she came out a product that she really likes and hopes can also solve all of your daily problems-Fáciaño Dry Shampoo.

Hope you can realize this beautiful dream too!

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Ingredient Story

We use Nibì as one of our ingredients. Nibì means Water in Algonquian language,is from Native American traditional herbal medicine. Water is a key element for Native American life and Nibì plays a very important role in curing fever, snakebite, and rheumatism, and is a good diaphoretic, diuretic, and astringent. Nibì also helps to preserve & soften skin. Nibì is an Eco-certified active ingredient extracted from Sambucus Nigra flowers.   

It has been tested and used in many cosmetics. Nibì has been proven in customer test to bring immediate relief for skin allergies and irritation. It has three times the nourishment and 10 times the anti-allergic properties of similar products. That's why we chose to feature Nibì one of our ingredients.