Washing Hair After Surgery

Why No Wash After Surgery

For people struggling with the question of whether they can wash hair after surgery, see the surgery article here. If you have a wound on your face or head, or if you have had laser surgery on the eyes or in hospital then you have to bear a longer period of time without washing your hair so the sensitive areas do not get wet. Or you are too sick to wash hair and take shower. You need people help to carry you or wash for you.

The water contains bateria and the wound can't be touched with water, otherwise it takes long to recover and would be infected.

How to take care of the wound accorind to the MD:


1 Do keep your wound clean and dry when being sick

Do apply a new dressing if the wound becomes uncovered or the dressing is wet

3 Do check with your GP within the next 48 to 72 hours that your Tetanus cover is adequate

4 Do keep an eye on how your wound is healing


1 Do not pick or disturb the wound, the scab will come off once your wound has healed

2 Do not allow it to become wet

3 Do not cover with anything waterproof for more than a brief period e.g. to allow bathing or showering

4 Do not stick a plaster on top of the wound it could pull the glue or steri-strips off. If the paramedic thinks your wound needs a dressing, they’ll tell you what to use and how to use it

5 Do not put creams or lotions on your wound – these could make the skin glue or steri-strips come off too soon. You could see mostly no contacted with wetness and water is key element for curing. It's very recommended not to water wash hair when you have wound on face or head. 

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Way to Spend Much Money

There is often a salon in the hospital for you, or the nurse or caregiver may wash your hair. The caregivers place a basin underneath the head to wash the patient’s hair if they cannot move the body at all. Otherwise, the caregivers would take the patient to the restroom and carefully wash without letting the infected areas get wet.Those services most of the time spend a lot of money. For longer time, people can't afford it. 
Wound, Faciano Dry Shampoo

Faciano Dry Shampoo- Being Happier During Sickness 

You might not have money to go to the salon all the time or pay a nurse to take care of you, but you have money to buy dry shampoo. A healthy dry shampoo for the patient should be able to clean your hair and scalp at the same time. Also, because you might still be sick in bed and not be able to get up, or you cannot risk having your eye or wound be touched by the powder, you need a non-powder dry shampoo that is not too liquid to dry-wash your hair. Liquid dry shampoo may accidentally flow into the wound and cause damage.

Fáciaño Dry Shampoo fits all these requirements; it is neither powdered nor completely liquid. It can cleanse and nourish the hair and scalp at the same time.

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