Washing Hair Everyday? How Often Should You Wash Your Hair? 

Washing More, Oily More?

Many people who have greasy hair need to washing hair everyday, or it would otherwise become messy and oily. Nobody wants to get close to you if your hair looks like oily pasta on your head. It really wastes time and feels exhausted.  

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Listen to Your Expert, Become Your Own Expert, No washing hair everyday

Dermatologists suggest that you should wash your hair 2-3 times a week, not daily. The natural oil in your hair gives it shine and nurtures your scalp. Over-washing can dry the hair and scalp. Specifically, the sebaceous glands in your scalp secrete oil, with the amount of oil secreted being based on how often you wash. If you choose not to wash your hair every day, the amount of oil secreted will decrease accordingly. This fact explains why some women have no problem with cleaning their hair only once a week. It’s not about their hair texture, but their habits. Check outHow Often Should You Wash Your Hair, How to Wash Your Hair.

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In addition, washing your hair every day or even every other day could cause your scalp to become itchy and allergenic. Many people with easily inflamed scalps or dandruff think that washing more often will reduce the problem. However, this often causes the problem to become more serious. Here are some details about how sebum naturally controls the health of your scalp: Sebum to Hair. Then you don't need washing hair everyday.


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