How to do good Hair Care

There is dirty air pollution everyday. The UV irradiation, and the hair blowing, perm, and dye, would damage the hair cuticle. Once it being damaged and didn’t get heal immediately. Many small white dots would appear at the hair tail. This is the hair bifurcation.

The hair which is just perm should be in intensive conditioning treatment for two weeks, to avoid future fast drying and oxidation of the hair.

Let the hair still have elasticity and luster after perm.

Perm hair is to soften the chain organizations of the cortical layers & layer structure, oxidative decomposition. Then use the hair reductant to re-link the hair structure.

Usually the damaged part is at the hair tail and middle. So don’t put the conditioner on the scalp and the water to use after conditioner should be warm to cold. It can help the contraction of the cuticle.  

Some Dry Shampoo like 
Fáciaño can clean very well and also do hair care at the same time. 

Oily Scalp

1. Select the shampoo for the oily scalp.

2. It can suppress, extend, and improve the oil situation of the scalp.

3. Rinse water cannot be too hot, to avoid the sebaceous glands too developed.

4. Shampooing and combing can not be too much strength, to avoid the sebaceous glands developed.

5. Avoid the conditioner and cream to get in touch with the scalp to cause scalp oily longer.

6. Choose the hair care products with more moisture and less protein.

7 The shampoo ingredients aiming to the oily hair are aloe (deep cleaning), tea tree (convergence), citric acid (conditioner), jojoba oil cypress (dissolved follicles grease) ... and so on!

8 Whoever with serious oily scalp, it is recommended to shampoo every day. Avoid the excess fats to clog the pores and leads to hair loss.

9 Avoid eating fried spicy food. Such as chocolate, French fries, chicken nuggets, coffee ... and so on.
10 Dry shampoo is necessary for grease away on hair and scalp, otherwise you need to wash everyday.

 Fight for Dandruff

1. Select shampoos with ingredients contained tea tree, citrus, essential oils, and so on.

2. Prevent lack of sleep, day/night reversal, and work pressure.

3. Seasonal conversion and fungal infections can also cause dandruff.

4. Try to avoid grasping the scalp with nails.

5. Keep the scalp dry.

6. Avoid the shampoo water too hot.

7. Keep away from hair care products and conditioner to the scalp.

Hair Falls Out Easily

1. Select the shampoo with ingredients contained tea tree (convergence), vitamin B5 (strengthen hair), jojoba oil (fat dissolving wool), and ammonium acid (the active hair).

2. Avoid the rinse water to excessive hot.

3. Avoid eating spicy food.

4. Comb more or massage more the scalp to stimulate blood circulation (but not too much strength).

5. Don’t use too much conditioner and hair care products.
6. Fáciaño Dry Shampoo helps prevent hair falling out. 

The reasons causing hair loss would be drugs, after childbirth, male hormone disorders, dermal papilla lesions diseases, seasonal changes, and strong sebaceous glands.

Fine Hair

1. Shampoo ingredients with inositol and plants titanium to increase flexibility.

2. Eat protein foods.

3. Massage the scalp many times, comb the hair, and stimulate blood circulation.

4. Never perm the hair too curly and don’t stay the chemical on hair too long.

5. Select the hair care products with more proteins. The reasons of collapsed fine hair are the less protein fibers and genetic or surroundings change.

Coarse Hair

1. Choose the shampoo with more moisture, safflower oil (soften the hair), and citric acid.

2. Select the conditioners with more water. Since the coarse hair was due to too much protein.

Damaged Hair

1. You can use shampoo which the ingredients contain vitamin E (conditioning), dimension of life B5 (enhanced hair straight), Egypt safflower (moisturized), and aloe vera gel (moisturized).

2. Eat more protein foods.

3. Multiple times massage to the scalp. Comb to stimulate blood circulation.

4. At least one time each week to do conditioning treatment.

5. Do not rinse with hot water.

6 Choose the conditioning treatment products with more protein.

7. Trim hair once a month or half a month.
8. Don't wash hair too often to dry out damage hair. Use Fáciaño Dry Shampoo to skip the water wash.

Hair Care