Choosing a Good Shampoo

Oily Hair Shampoo

Don’t shampoo with dirty water. It’s not only dirty but also easily lead to bacterial infection of the scalp. There is risk of suffering from folliculitis. Also, if you have dry skin, wash with soap will cause irritant dermatitis.Soap isn’t suitable for shampoo. The soap base cleans too strongly; it hurt the hair cuticle and causes the frizzy hair after washing.

Because soap is not suitable for shampoo, people developed shampoo later on. They use the principles that oil and water do not blind together, to separate the oil from hair and scalp using shampoo surfactant. Finally the oil and dirt are washed away by the water.

But shampoo is for hair doesn’t mean you can use any kind of shampoo. There is a lot of knowledge inside. Once you use the wrong shampoo, you may still cause scalp irritation or hair loss. There used to be a male student sharing the shampoo with his girlfriend, he got scalp redness and seborrheic dermatitis.

According to the dermatologists, men have more sebum secretion than women. The shampoos emphasize on double-effect moisturizing shampoo conditioner, do not really fit the men with oily scalp. If you have oily and itchy scalp, it is recommended to choose a strong cleaning single-effect shampoo.

In addition to single-effect and double-effect, there are also shampoos for drying or oily hair. Oily hair shampoo cleans stronger, good for oily hair clean stronger. Misuse the shampoo will stimulate to the scalp irritation. Oily hair people to use dry hair shampoo would not clean enough.

If your hair is flat after the first day wash and you feel the scalp greasy, it’s usually suitable to use strong clean detergency, oily hair shampoo.

Deep repair, shining, slippery, multi-effect moisturizing, and refreshing ..., these are all available shampoos on the market, but how should people select the appropriate shampoo?

For dermatologists, the shampoo with the emphasis on the single effect always cleans better than the double-effect one. The purpose of the shampoo is to shampoo, conditioner aims to conditioning. Separate two kinds of hair products with different purposes can maximize the marginal utility.

Unless there is advertising for double-effect, the shampoos on the market nowadays are mostly single-effect. It is better to choose the simple shampoo.

The shampoos contain too much moisture formulations have fewer surfactants. The cleaning effect is weak, and the hair would be too soft and flat. If the scalp sebaceous glands are mixed with the normal skin’s dander bacillus as acids, it would be itchy scalp inflammation problems.

Be simple. Return the shampoo to shampooing, conditioner to conditioning. Whoever needs conditioner can use it later.

Most men don’t need conditioner due to strong secretion of sebum and short hair. Men only need a bottle of shampoo to clean. Conditioning directly on scalp would cause follicles clogged. It is advised women to use conditioner only the hair under the ear.

As there is anecdotal flaunt add-in of tea flavor, lemon flavor, and other special aroma shampoo. Some fragrance may cause allergies. People with allergies should use carefully. Tea flavors fragrance may affect hormones, it’s not recommended for little children to use.

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