Going On a Date


Can you imagine that you are in a hurry for a date, but you have no time to fix your hair because you have been so occupied with your work? Or perhaps you had styled your hair either straight or curly so that it is different from your original look, and you want it to stay that way until your date five days later?

Is it very embarrassing if your hair is smelly and greasy when you meet your date? Don't you think you could scare him/her away?

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Powder Dry Shampoo Works? 

You would hear about dry shampoo to freshen up right away. You can also use it either to keep your current hair style or to create a new one. But some dry shampoos make us too much powder on hair and is very hard to clean away. 


Hurry Up Using Correct Dry Shampoo

Do you know your hair oil can help create the most suitable conditions for hair styling? If you have a Saturday night date planned, don't wash your hair on Saturday, but rather on Friday night. Allow one day to let your hair oil add some natural texture, in order to maintain the current hairstyle. All you need to do on Saturday is to fix your hair up with a round brush and a blow dryer; see How to do Hair For A Date.

Fáciaño Dry Shampoo is the best to bring with you when you are meeting for a date. Don't wash your hair daily right before the date –Instead, uses a dry shampoo. It has no powder, quickly it cleans away your itch, grease, and odor on hair. The ingredients are your likeness which contains safely cerfitcated by European Organic Ecocert. 


One of the Succesful Date Tips

You will be so charming with good look and smell during the date. Groom yourself without bad hair and body odor, disaster hair, but with a shining volume up hair freshly. People like to see healthy and pretty hair. 

Do you know how to arrange your hair before the date? Check Hair Tips. These will go well with Fáciaño Dry Shampoo. Really!

Go Hang Out Now! 

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