Dry Shampoo Scary Truth-How to Make Scalp Clean & Healthy

Which dry shampoo can really clean scalp and make healthy? Let's use scalp detector to check it out. The scalp detector in the business and medical area is usually to see the health condition of the scalp. The result is astonishing. Hurry up to see the beauty girl video version.

1. Hair Without Wash for Many Days

The deadruff has become crystal snowflake

Dry Shampoo Dirty

Hair root has so much grease

Dry Shampoo Dirty 1

2. After Using Faciano Dry Shampoo

Scalp root grease is gone

Dry Shampoo Clean

It's much cleaner

Dry Shampoo Clean 1

Scalp is healthy and root is strong

Dry Shampoo Clean 2

3. After Using Powder Spray Dry Shampoo

Scalp is full of powder

Dry Shampoo Powder

All of the hair full of powder

Dry Shampoo Powder 1


Shopping Bonanza for Dry Shampoo