Dry Shampoo Test

One of the big problems the dry shampoo needs to solve is to clean away grease, dirt, and itch. Now we are testing if all of the dry shampoos work well on those effect requirement. 

First, pour in some baby oil on the Petril dish, and add in some color oil to see clearly.

When pouring in some dry shampoo powder, the oil color becomes deeper. It means powder absorbs oil and becomes sticky on somewhere like scalp, and also means very hard to be cleaned away. 

When spraying on dry shampoo, no specific effect happens. 

When pouring in Faciano Dry Shampoo, it seperate out and wraped the oil. It means Faciano Dry Shampoo helps taking away grease. 

It looks that Faciano Dry Shampoo has the best result. 

Final Illustration

Dry Shampoo Test