Easy One Minute way to Tie Up Hair for Lazy Lady with Dry Shampoo

When you are too lazy to wash hair, other than using "Fáciaño Dry Shampoo", it's best with easy way to tie up hair for clumsy girls to hide greasy, smelly, and itchy hair. Then no one would find out your hair without washing for many days. The advanced version is to keep your hair wearing and just go to bed for many days. During those days, only using "Fáciaño Dry Shampoo" is enough, because there is no powder to stay on your hair. Completely no need to comb through but still keep hair clean.

Now let's learn how to tie up hair in one minute then clean hair by dry shampoo.

Double Bun, Teased Space Buns

You only need to spread the hair two sides and tie up, but not pull out your hair completely at the end. Use that end to entangle the source to become a bun, and stuff the end into hair or with the help of clips.

dry shampoo teased space buns tutorial

Photo Source: http://www.clevver.com/how-to-space-double-buns-hair-hacks-tips-tricks-tutorials/

The half hair down is Half Double Bun. The photo is Model Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, and Kendall Jenner. 

dry shampoo half bun turtorial

Photo Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/16958936077338117/?lp=true

High Bun

Much easier. Just become double buns to only one, remember not to tie too low. Heading down could comb higher. The bun too low would become grandmothers easily. Check out super model Gigi Hadid's high bun. 

dry shampoo high buns totorial

Half down single bun makes your face longer to avoid round face, but a sexy girl. 

 dry shampoo high half bun tutorial

Three Topsy Tail 

Tie three topsy tail and hide the end, or inside out your tail. 

 dry shampoo topsy tail

Topsy Tail

Three topsy tails become one, a simple ponytail, seperate the center and upside down the tail to tuck in and pull out. 

dry shampoo topsy tail 2dry shampoo topsy tail 1

 Photo Source: https://www.womenweb.de/beauty-und-pflege/frisuren/haare-style-tutorial-anleitung-frisur-low-rolled-updo.1.html

Three Topsy Tail UP

Clip up the tail of three topsy tail to become hair up.

dry shampoo topsy tail 3

Photo Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkuicQ7mC_s

Use Hair Accessories

Randomly tie to the back and use hair band at the front. Or just clip up whole to the back. 

dry shampoo accessories

Photo Source: https://en.vogue.fr/beauty-tips/beauty-advice/diaporama/hair-trends-set-to-dominate-fall-winter-2018-2019/49623#tresse_image7

Topknot, Updo

When tying ponytail, leave the last end and knot at the end to pull down. 

 dry shampoo topknot

Photo Source: https://en.vogue.fr/beauty-tips/beauty-advice/diaporama/hair-trends-set-to-dominate-fall-winter-2018-2019/49623#bun-chignon-messy_image5


 After tying as ponytail, use strong hair glue to bend up hair and stick along.

dry shampoo chignons

Photo Source: https://glowsly.com/fall-winter-2018-2019-hairstyle-trends/

Messy Knot

Just random tie up, even not good at braid, it can still be creative. The left photo is to tie first and use small circle to upside down tie up the hair by sections; the middle decoration is round a circle the head; the right photo needs some hair styling products.

dry shampoo chignons knots1

Photo Source: https://glowsly.com/fall-winter-2018-2019-hairstyle-trends/

Neo Braid Style

The second type is easlier to braid. Tie up the ponytail at the side but not to pull out completely. Create a bun and make two braids from the left. 

dry shampoo neo braid

Photo Source: https://en.vogue.fr/beauty-tips/beauty-advice/diaporama/hair-trends-set-to-dominate-fall-winter-2018-2019/49623#tresse_image7

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