COVID-19 Scary, No Supplies More Freak Out

COVID-19, also called coronavirus or Wuhan Virus, is diffferent from SARS, MERS and not even only a flu. Since governments and people didn't take serious caution on it, the disease has spread through the world. Beginning from Italy's terrible numbers of death, it has been too late to realize even blocking the border wouldn't help. Staying at home is the only choise. Even you are not sick, can't make sure any no symptom person transferring virus to you. Or thinking you are strong enough to catch the virus, but the lungs will become fiber, called (idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, IPF), some doctors dignosed COVID-19 cause testicle damaged. If you don't worry about being infected, some vulnerable family members or friends like diabetics, olders, cardiovascular patients, hypertension, or chronic patients you love might get sick from you. People are over 60 years old, having respiratory and immunity system problems should stay at home. Where is the virus? It exists everywhere like door handles, elevator buttons....any smooth surface. Wipe the surface of any places before you touch. Any suitable temperaute and moisture could help virus alive anywhere for at least 5 days. Hair is also the smooth surface, so it contains virus too. People don't like to wear mask, but masks in a certain way would prevent droplet spray. Also don't touch face, and wash hands all the time. But for a long term, if a confirmed case is less than 1 meter distance from, you can't even get rid of risk being contracted. 


Other than coronavirus, the flu is also dangerous. It has killed 20000-50000 people in the States this season. But according to estimated, there might be 480000 death for coronavirus in the States. More countries raise up to more than ten thousands confirmed cases. Protect yourself to be social isolated, wash hands, don't touch face, wear mask, and mostly important of it, clean your hair and body. 


In U.K., "Herd Immunity" plan has already out of control because schools are shutting doors, London is considered to lockdown. There is no immunity thing after sickness and recovery. Since from China's confirmed cases, some recovered patients get infected with positive test and serious sick again.  

COVID-19 Mask

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United States CDC found the coronavirus looks like---

CoronaVirus CDC

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Hand Washing and Hair Clean are More Important Than Body Shower

The hair contains large part of the body.Because it is hairy, very easy to stick to dust, dirt, moisture, mouth, and especially viruses. Hair is not necessarily needy to wash every day. If you get germs or virus, and accidentally touch your hair, very likely would infect your inner body. The reason to wash hands is quite clear, but very difficult to wash hair from time to time. So dry shampoo with really clean and sterilize function is useful to clean anytime, anywhere. with dry shampoo anytime, anywhere. The nurses who helped in Wuhan shaved their hair because long hair is easy to spread bacteria. See: Wuhan nurses shave their heads. Studies show around one million microorganisms per square centimeter on the scalp, the most of which are hair follicle lipid mites. They like to gather in the epidermal layer of the scalp and feed on the lipids secreted by the sebaceous glands, which will eventually lead to hair loss. Below you can see how much bacteria and viruses remain on your normal hair.


Bacteria produced by dandruff. It looks like coronavirus, or snail.

COVID-19 Folliculitis

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Bacteria on the root of the hair, and it looks like a bunch of lush white-

COVID-19 Bacteria on Hair

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This is escherichia coli that grows from hair follicles and is commonly called E. coli. Hair follicles secrete oil and easily mix with air to become a hotbed for bacteria-

COVID-19 Bacteria on Hair

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Hundred Types of Dry Shampoo, Focus More on Sterilization

There are many types of dry shampoos on the market. Most of which are powdery, which will leave residues and get hair dirty. Those dry shampoos can't achieve goal of true cleaning and disinfection. So we have to use:


--Contains Alcohol to sterilize

--Essential oil complex to maintain hair clean and nurtured

--No powder, so no residue, no oil bacteria

--Contains degreasing and regulating ingredients, which can prevent the proliferation of germs

--Contains no other harmful chemicals


Only this way, we can kill bacteria without hurting the scalp. In addition, dry shampoo must be wiped to remove the virus. If it's just spraying, hard to guarantee that the germs will fall out and would still remains on the hair. It is more important to nourish healthy hair and scalp at the same time, not to kill bacteria but hurt hair.


Quickly grab a good dry shampoo


 Coronavirus Germ

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