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Washing Hair During Hiking

is Troublesome, one of the camping supplies? 

Cleansing your hair during hiking and camping trips is necessary if you hair becomes messy, oily, and smelly by the third day of the trip. It is so much trouble, especially for girls with long hair, it is just like having period during hiking and camping. Your companion may not be so fussy, but you probably won’t feel right about going without washing your hair for so many days. Of course it may not be easy if you have no access to running water to wash. See here how troublesome it be when you need to wash your hair outdoors: Camping for Women.

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Dry Shampoo the Best Way?

People may try wet towel and dry shampoo, or no rinse shampoo. Most dry shampoo products for hiking and camping are in liquid form and are in fact too wet to dry out in a short period of time. It is not rational to use WET dry shampoo that cannot dry out easily, because the outdoor environment can be much colder and of course has no electricity provided for a hair dryer at all. Towel shampoo isn't effectively clean enough. So dry shampoo is definitely one of the important hiking and camping supplies. 

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Camping, Faciano Dry Shampoo

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Just A Bottle to Be Enjorable

Fortunately, the high technology of Fáciaño Dry Shampoo can solve your problem. It isn't made of powder. Only a press and rub up, your hair will be clean with the help of formula contained European Ecocert Organic Certificate.  

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Look Attractive During The Trek, Wild Butter-FLIES to You

Though you are exhausted for many days on the way for camping, hiking, and carrying camping supplies, we want you to still be handsome and pretty all the time. Using Faciano Dry Shampoo you will feel so easy. No oil, bad smell, and itch would obstruct your natural charming. 

Let's Go!

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