COVID-19 Scary, No Supplies More Freak Out

COVID-19, also called coronavirus or Wuhan Virus, is diffferent from SARS, MERS and not even only a flu. Since governments and people didn't take serious caution on it, the disease has spread through the world. Beginning from Italy's terrible numbers of death, it has been too late to realize even blocking the border wouldn't help. Staying at home is the only choise. Even you are not sick, can't make sure any no symptom person transferring virus to you. Or thinking you are strong enough to catch the virus, but the lungs will become fiber, called (idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, IPF), some doctors dignosed COVID-19 cause testicle damaged. If you don't worry about being infected, some vulnerable family members or friends like diabetics, olders, cardiovascular patients, hypertension, or chronic patients you love might get sick from you. People are over 60 years old, having respiratory and immunity system problems should stay at home. Where is the virus? It exists everywhere like door handles, elevator buttons....any smooth surface. Wipe the surface of any places before you touch. Any suitable temperaute and moisture could help virus alive anywhere for at least 5 days. Hair is also the smooth surface, so it contains virus too. People don't like to wear mask, but masks in a certain way would prevent droplet spray. Also don't touch face, and wash hands all the time. But for a long term, if a confirmed case is less than 1 meter distance from, you can't even get rid of risk being contracted. 


Other than coronavirus, the flu is also dangerous. It has killed 20000-50000 people in the States this season. But according to estimated, there might be 480000 death for coronavirus in the States. More countries raise up to more than ten thousands confirmed cases. Protect yourself to be social isolated, wash hands, don't touch face, wear mask, and mostly important of it, clean your hair and body. 


In U.K., "Herd Immunity" plan has already out of control because schools are shutting doors, London is considered to lockdown. There is no immunity thing after sickness and recovery. Since from China's confirmed cases, some recovered patients get infected with positive test and serious sick again.  

COVID-19 Mask

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United States CDC found the coronavirus looks like---

CoronaVirus CDC

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Hand Washing and Hair Clean are More Important Than Body Shower

The hair contains large part of the body.Because it is hairy, very easy to stick to dust, dirt, moisture, mouth, and especially viruses. Hair is not necessarily needy to wash every day. If you get germs or virus, and accidentally touch your hair, very likely would infect your inner body. The reason to wash hands is quite clear, but very difficult to wash hair from time to time. So dry shampoo with really clean and sterilize function is useful to clean anytime, anywhere. with dry shampoo anytime, anywhere. The nurses who helped in Wuhan shaved their hair because long hair is easy to spread bacteria. See: Wuhan nurses shave their heads. Studies show around one million microorganisms per square centimeter on the scalp, the most of which are hair follicle lipid mites. They like to gather in the epidermal layer of the scalp and feed on the lipids secreted by the sebaceous glands, which will eventually lead to hair loss. Below you can see how much bacteria and viruses remain on your normal hair.


Bacteria produced by dandruff. It looks like coronavirus, or snail.

COVID-19 Folliculitis

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Bacteria on the root of the hair, and it looks like a bunch of lush white-

COVID-19 Bacteria on Hair

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This is escherichia coli that grows from hair follicles and is commonly called E. coli. Hair follicles secrete oil and easily mix with air to become a hotbed for bacteria-

COVID-19 Bacteria on Hair

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Hundred Types of Dry Shampoo, Focus More on Sterilization

There are many types of dry shampoos on the market. Most of which are powdery, which will leave residues and get hair dirty. Those dry shampoos can't achieve goal of true cleaning and disinfection. So we have to use:


--Contains Alcohol to sterilize

--Essential oil complex to maintain hair clean and nurtured

--No powder, so no residue, no oil bacteria

--Contains degreasing and regulating ingredients, which can prevent the proliferation of germs

--Contains no other harmful chemicals


Only this way, we can kill bacteria without hurting the scalp. In addition, dry shampoo must be wiped to remove the virus. If it's just spraying, hard to guarantee that the germs will fall out and would still remains on the hair. It is more important to nourish healthy hair and scalp at the same time, not to kill bacteria but hurt hair.


Quickly grab a good dry shampoo


 Coronavirus Germ

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Best Dry Shampoo

Here comes the summer. The hair is sweaty, odoring, greasy and itchy. Washing hair everyday still can't help. The follicles is easy to stuffed with grease. The hair is smelly after sultry with tied hair or wearing safety helmet. Whole hair is like noodles, very gross. Even there is only bang greasy, the hair is still very ugly.

Other than washing hair everyday is tiredsome, during day time the dry shampoo can hold for a while. How to have dry shampoo to clean hair quickly and safely? Quick to clean simply, really cleans hair, keep hair safe and healthy. The main concerns are: 


1 Uses Multiple Times

Faciano Dry Shampoo big bottle's actual container is very big, not the gas contained. It can be used 1.5 to 2 times more the same ml volume shampoo.


2 Can Carry Anytime, Not to Explode

Faciano doesn't contain air. It's plastic, not metal bottle. Of course it wouldn't explode. 


3 Good to Bring Overseas and Custom Check

Faciano small bottle doesn't contain air. It's qualified for air security check, ready to bring overseas anytime.


4 No Residue

Becasue the ingredients has no powder. No residue to be clogged the follicles to stay at the scalp. 


5 Good Smell to Cover Up Hair Odor

Faciano has natural" European herb essential oil" and " cypress essential oil", not artifical flavor. So it wouldn't get allergy. Essentail oil can nurture hair. The flavor is good for relaxing, anti-bacteria, comfort.....etc benefits. The most important is it can cover up a long time smell like homeless. 


6 Stays for a Long Time

One day to use one time can stay for a whole day. Continuing to use for a whole month without washing hair still doesn't see the grease. Click testimony here. 

Faciano Dry Shampoo DirtyHairFaciano Dry Shampoo CleanHair


7 Nurtures and Cleans Hair with Scalp

Faciano has the following ingredients to make hair soft, scalp clean and healthy. 

Propanediol: More moisture and water saving, no stimuation and low allergy. Ecocert qualified natural ingredients extration and eco friendly.

Organic Sambucus Nigra Flowers, Elderberry: Ecocert certificate. 

House Chestnut



Sweet Grass Essential Oil

Cypress Essential Oil

Other Ingredients are: 

Niacinamide, Yeast Extract, Vitamin B5, Zinc Gluconate,Panthenol,Biotin

Comprehensive Function--Deeply hydrates moisture, relieves scalp uncomfort, conditiones oil secretion, oil control, provides moisture and gloss, repaires hair, enhances hair shine, prevents scalp blocking, deeply cleans scalp, prevents too much sweat to cause odor, moisturizes fork and dry hair.

Dry Shampoo Best


8 Safe Ingredients 

Not to affect body and hair. The worst dry shampoo would even affect respiratory system. Faciano doesn't contain powder and air, so there won't be problem. 100% essential oil isn't artificial flavor, it contains European Ecocert ingredients. 



Other Dry Shampoo Types

There are many dry shampoos on the market. Just analyze all kinds of dry shampoos now.



Dry Shampoo Spray

There are most brands. To use gas bottle to spray out powder to absorb the oil. This way is to shortly make hair look fluffy and oil gone. But the powder still stays on scalp, even the powder is brushed off or combed down, there is still residue to be clogged up follicles and more grease after using. For price, most expensive and most cheap ones are very variable with big ranges. Whatever brands to do comparison and pricing, some are used up quickly after few spray, some air in the bottle is easy to dissapear, and powder isagglomerates. The same result is follicles being clogged up and causes scalp sickness and inflammation. And then the air bottle causes explosion. Not easy to carry with in the check-in luggage. 

Different flavor product usually is the artificial flavor that causes allergy, and then to make so many different flavors. Artificial flavor would create environmental hormone to disturb humen beings' hormone and estrogen, to cause malignant tumor.

Dry Shampoo Spray


Inverted Powder

To put powder directly on hair to absorb oil. Other than no explosion problem, powder would still stay on hair, and much dirtier after more using. Though there is short time fluffy. The flavor is same aritificial. 

Dry Shampoo Powder


Water Dry Shampoo

Like some doctor says that dry shampoo has a lot of denatured alcohol, after using the hair gets clean. But for using long time the hair and scalp will be much drier. Watering dry shampoo is hard to dry, doesn't look like dry shampoo. There are some certain Japenese brands. 

Dry Shampoo Water Spray


Bubble Dry Shampoo

Bubble means wetness. Mostly Japanese brands, probably because Japenese love cleanliness. Even dry shampoo, they  like it to be wet to be clean. The same problem is wetting for a long time and not dry.

Dry Shampoo Bubble Spray


Towel Dry

Not easy to wipe clean. The ingredients are Interface active agent.

Dry Shampoo Towel


Shower Cap

This one is more like water wash. Need to heat up, wear up, and rub hair. It wastes a lot of time. After using the time are also good for you to hair wash instead. And you will need to dry the hair too. The ingredients are Interface active agent.

Dry Shampoo Shower Cap


Ready to Drop Orders 

Dry Shampoo Rumors and Questions

There are many dry shampoos on the market, and more rumers about them. Here are the explainations. 

1 Dry Shampoo contains alcohol, not good to use? 

Checked international websites and found the conclusion: actually alcohol is quick to evaporate, but drinking water also cause evaporation. Alcohol has some benefits for the scalp, like cooling down, pore contraction; promote the scalp absorbing nutrition of dry shampoo to ten times effect. First of all you need to choose nourish effect dry shampoo;  of course sterilization for long time without washing;  cleaning effect, much easier to clean grease without wash; inhibit grease, to prevent oil again from not washing. 

Dry Shampoo Faciano

2 Dry Shampoo contains Powder, and even blocks pores and become folliculitis, and baldness? 

This is true, many news had showed powder dry shampoo causes scalp itch, allergy, redness, inflammation,  dandruff, pus, and blistering. Most important is hair falling. Hair falling is everyone's taboo. So you must choose dry shampoo without powder. 

Dry Shampoo Faciano


3 The Principle of Dry Shampoo is the Surface of shampooing? 

Dry Shampoo is dry wash, which means shampooing without water. The principle is to use the other substances to absorb, wipe out the dirt, sterilize, and deodorize. So you have to find dry shampoo which is similar to shampoo, and really contain degreasing ingredients to clean, not just surface effect. The dry shampoos on the market with spray powder only absorb the oil. 

And it's said " dry shampoo can only temparaily removes greasy feeling", that's to choose dry shampoo with spray or powder, contains the function of scalp oil absorption. After absorbing, the dirt is much more before using dry shampoo, cause it stays on hair.

Dry Shampoo Faciano



4 Can't Use Dry Shampoo Everyday? 

Actually if you can find some ingredients natural which can really clean hair, dry shampoo can be used everyday. Many postpartum confinement mothers don't wash hair for whole month just because they choose the correct dry shampoo.  

Dry Shampoo Faciano


5 Which Dry Shampoo is more Useful? 

Spray Powder: spraying air and powder on hair and comb out, there would be gas tank with heat or any non-reason to get explosion. Many news cases had happened. Powder would be sprayed all over the head and causes hair much dirtier and many problems with scalp stuck up.

Powder: Pour powder directly on hair to obsorb the oil and comb away, and there is still powder problem. 

Water Spray: Spray water on hair and wipe dry, and there is still wet problem after long time wiping. 

Bubble Spray: Spray on hair and wipe out, pretty much looks like water wash. The whole hairstyle would be gone, and wiping for a long time still don't get dry.

Paper Towel: Wet paper towel to wipe directly on hair, absolutely not able to make hair clean. 

Shower Cap: Heat up the shower cap and wear on hair to rub, and take away the cap to wipe dry. The trouble is you need to wipe for a long time to dry, not to talk about taking time heating up the cap beforehead. 

Faciano: press and pour on head, then wipe out. It will dry out, won't take too much time and effort. 

Dry Shampoo Faciano


6 What are the Nonsecure Ingredients in Dry Shampoo? 

Check out some dry shampoo ingredients. If there is anything contained below, it should be nonsafe. Generally speaking, something with powder or gas are dangerous and harmful. 

1) Gas/Air: The ingredients below is air and will causes explosion,respiratory diseases, allergy, and even life threatening. The ingredients are: Butane, iso butane, and propane

2) Artificial Flavor: Causes allergy. The ingredientes are: Spices, frangrance, Phenethyl alcohol,and Hexyl Cinnamal.

3) Powder: Dry Shampoo with powder not only to block up the follicles but to cause allergy and inflammation. Sometimes it contains talcum powder, Johnson & Johnson powder has been proved to cause cancer and accused giant panalty fee in court. Or it would stimulate eyes to cause sight problem, causes neurotoxicity or respiratory problems. Coumarin can cause cancer. Powder ingredients are: Oryza Sativa (Rice) Starch), Hydrated Silica,Zeolite, Hydroxypropylcellulose, ​Titanium Dioxide​, Starch octenyl succinate aluminum salt, Iron Oxides, Acrylate polymer, kaolin, Titanium Dioxide​, and Coumarin.

4) Oil: It depends on which oil, there are many chemical oils cause allergy, stimulate inflammation and life-threatening respiratory disease. The ingredients are : Limonene, Linalool, Geraniol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Distearyldimonium, Distearyl dimethyl ammonium chloride, Cetrimide, and Cetrimonium Chloride. 

5) Others: Irritating to cause contact dermatitis. The ingredients are: Octoxynol-10, Benzyl benzoate, and BG PEG-6,PEG (which is Carcinogenic substance).

Dry Shampoo Faciano


7 Many Side Effects of Dry Shampoo, How to Prevent? 

1) Dry Shampoo can only temperarily clean the feel of oily: If you use spray powder, of course it's temperary. 

2) After using dry shampoo, water cleaning has to be precise: Dry Shampoo is for cleaning, but the result instead is getting much dirtier and a lot of residue on scalp, and need to do extra cleaning afterward. Then what's dry shampoo for? Really need to choose dry shampoo without powder to safely clean hair. 

3) Don't worry about white residue, wait for more several minutes: White residue would never leave out of hair after several miuntes, it just get little gradually. 

Conclusion: Just use dry shampoo without spray powder.

Dry Shampoo Faciano


8  Best Dry Shampoo

Grab some points below then you are able to pick best dry shampoos--

1) No residue on scalp and hair;

2) Ingredients safe, no allergy,  inflammation, cancer.... etc sickness substance;

3) One bottle to use for long time, volume is enough;

4) Heals scalp, and nurtures hair. Because the scalp needs grease removal, but hair can't be too dry. Ordinary shampoos can't do the opposite effect, so uses the conditioner on the hair. But a good dry shampoo can do double effect. Also it's better to have natural essential oil and organic certificate; 

5) Wouldn't explode suddenly; 

6) Easy to Dry Out; 

Dry Shampoo Faciano


9 Why not just Water Wash Directly? Dry Shampoo's Special Purpose:

There are many benefits for dry shampoos. More than ways to improve problems of daily water wash but gets more oil, dry shampoo can also be used in different circumstances, like not able to wash or lazy to wash. Scalp is very oily but the hair is very dry, one small part is dirty so no need to wash whole head but wanna keep the hairstyle. greasy hair, postpartum confinement, after working out, traveling, period, hiking and camping, hair odor after BBQ, dating and meeting, after wearing hat, busy, sick, weather too cold or too hot, and can't wash hair after dying.

Dry Shampoo Faciano


10 What's the Relation between Dry Shampoo and Baldness

If using dry shampoo well, you can keep scalp healthy and clean, and prevent baldness. On the contrary, it will cause follicles stucked, you will become bald even you were not. 

Dry Shampoo Faciano


Quickly Buy Best Dry Shampoo


Dry Shampoo Scary Truth-How to Make Scalp Clean & Healthy

Which dry shampoo can really clean scalp and make healthy? Let's use scalp detector to check it out. The scalp detector in the business and medical area is usually to see the health condition of the scalp. The result is astonishing. Hurry up to see the beauty girl video version.

1. Hair Without Wash for Many Days

The deadruff has become crystal snowflake

Dry Shampoo Dirty

Hair root has so much grease

Dry Shampoo Dirty 1

2. After Using Faciano Dry Shampoo

Scalp root grease is gone

Dry Shampoo Clean

It's much cleaner

Dry Shampoo Clean 1

Scalp is healthy and root is strong

Dry Shampoo Clean 2

3. After Using Powder Spray Dry Shampoo

Scalp is full of powder

Dry Shampoo Powder

All of the hair full of powder

Dry Shampoo Powder 1


Shopping Bonanza for Dry Shampoo


Many Benefits of Dry Shampoo, Check These 10 Items Out 

No need to wash hair continuing for a month

What? One month without washing hair? Thought the experts say better not to use"dry shampoo" since it isn't real wash, there is defintly dry shampoo that you can use continuing for whole month. Just see the evidence of postpartum rest mothers. They buy the best dry shampoo and just dry wash by this bottle for whole month. Neither do they have problems of scalp inflammation and baldness. 

Dry Shampoo Benefit


2 No need to water wash daily in summer

During hot seasons, hair is often dirty even washing daily. Probably washing twice a day still get complain for stinks, so much in bad luck. Dry Shampoo makes your smelly, greasy, and very sweaty hair super clean and scented. Male and female are happy with great work, business, and life. 

Dry Shampoo Benefit 1


Too cold to wash hair in winter

Winter is too cold to take a shower not even to wash hair. You can instead to lay in comfortable bed and use dry shampoo at the same time. The point is to use powderless dry shampoo then you won't mess up the sheet. 

Dry Shampoo Benefit 2


Prevents Baldness & Hair Loss

Everytime water wash makes hair loss. Whenver you have chance, use dry shampoo can prevent lossing too much hair.  Using dry shampoo isn't like water wash to pull so much hair, but further to retrain baldness. You have to pick dry shampoo with nurishing ingredients to take care of the scalp and stop baldness. Some people say dry shampoo causes baldness, actually it's due to using powder dry shampoo.

Dry Shampoo Benefit 3


Keeps Hair Soft & Smooth 

Water wash is to wash from head to tail throughly, even the tail isn't greasy and dirty. The tail would mostly become dry straw splitting, and need to compensate with conditioner and hair care products, which wastes time and money. Dry Shampo is just to wash greasy and dirty parts. The end isn't dirty so no need to wash. Select the dry shampoo which can nurture the hair, and then your hair would become softer. Regular shampoo cleans scalp but the tail would be getting drier. Dry Shampoo won't have that problem. 

Dry Shampoo


6 Good for Longterm Using to Improve Greasy Hair Condition

Scalp is greasy, so water wash everyday causes scalp to alert oil is removed, then the scalp auto-secretes oil again. The result is more washes and much oil. It falls into an endless devil cycle. If you want to improve hair, should just use dry shampoo at the greasy moment. Or just use on the oily bangs to gradually becomes healthy hair. 

Dry Shampoo


Eco-Friendly, Saves Water and Eletricity 

Washing hair once spends serious sisters at least half an hour. Still feel not clean even water keeps flushing. After finishing and wash the second time, never think about needing to dry hair afterward. Long hair is more distressing with long time dry blowing and wastes a lot of electricity and time. Dry Shampoo is very eco-friendly, completely no water and eletricity torture. 

Dry Shampoo


8  Easy to Carry On to the Flight

Hiking, camping, overseas traveling, menstrual period, bikers, too late in the morning, surgery and sickness, working out, no hot water and dryers, especially going overseas and hoping to carry on to the airplane. Those problems is to find airless dry shampoo, not to get exploded then refused by the customs. Hikers or campers also need to find something light to carry with, not to get exploded because of weather is too cold or too hot. Bikers can put dry shampoo into the bike trunk, put airless dry shampoo to prevent explosion from the heat. 

Dry Shampoo


9 One Bottle to Use for Very Long Time, Save More Than Shampoo

Dry Shampoo just needs to be used on the greasy, smelly, and itchy part, one bottle to use for very long time. Comparing to regular shampoo squirting, which is around one month to empty one bottle, dry shampoo is the most saving situation even for long hair people useing fiercely. One bottle dry shampoo can use for more than a month, postpartum rest mothers are most experienced with that. Choose airless one, since alumni bottle contains air, only several sprays could empty the bottle pretty soon.

Dry Shampoo


10 Disaster Emergency Kit

Typhonn and earthquake come, water outage power blackout, if there is a dry shampoo, really no need worry about washing hair. Remember to use dry shampoos that are good for staying for long time, or even many years. Airless bottles are afraid not to squirt out after one or two years, spray ones are easy for water and alchohol evaporation, so useless. 

Dry Shampoo

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